Behind every confident individual, every act of kindness, every healthy relationship, and every thriving community is love.

Lovescaping is a Non-Profit Organization Rooted in Learning to Practice Love in Action.

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To teach human beings how to practice love in action.

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A world in which human beings intentionally and collectively practice Lovescaping.


Lovescaping® can be taught in a series of workshops within organizations, businesses, nonprofit groups, and any community of people needing love.

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Lovescaping® works with schools to create safe, loving, nurturing environments that are ripe for learning! Lovescaping® improves the social and emotional skills of students, staff, and families.

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Individuals with self-love have higher confidence, healthy relationships, improved communication, and an overall more fulfilling life. Lovescaping® offers 1-on-1 coaching for individuals of all ages.

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The Lovescaping® Way

Lovescaping® consists of a number of values and actions referred to as “pillars,” which exemplify the principles of love. If we imagine a temple with crumbling pillars, we know the temple risks collapse. You could say our society is a temple in danger of collapse. One pillar holding it together is hope, which serves as a keystone to fortify the temple.

About the Founder

“Lovescaping® has been a process of turning practice into theory and then back into practice. I looked at my experiences to uncover the components that made love possible. That is how the fifteen pillars revealed themselves, and I aim to embody them in all my daily actions. But in order for me to share my love with the world I had to go beyond embodying it to explaining and teaching it in a very intentional way. This is how the Lovescaping® classes came to be- creating a curriculum based on teaching the fifteen pillars in order for us to practice love in action. Writing my Lovescaping® book was another way to turn practice into theory, leave a legacy and in some way immortalize the philosophy. Ultimately it all translates into practice, into action, and that is my goal: for human beings to intentionally practice the pillars of Lovescaping®.”

Where did you learn to love?

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