What is Lovescaping®?

Practicing love in action through the active and intentional engagement of its fifteen pillars.

The Lovescaping® program is designed to elicit positive attitudes and energies through thoughtful love based educational awareness. Lovescaping® teaches the skills needed to practice love in action, and to create a foundation for enhancing a culture of love.

Lovescaping® offers a fresh approach to teaching social and emotional learning rooted in learning how to love. It demonstrates that through and with love based attributes, humanity can be transformed to embrace individuals as well as societies worldwide.

Today we find a lack of attention and intention geared towards the expressions of love. Love binds humanity together, and we all want and need love. A society based on the principles of love, and that practices love in action has the ability to overcome discrimination, hatred, aggression, racism, xenophobia, and other forms of violence and oppression.

Love is an action that we can learn to practice. Practicing love in action requires mindfulness and needs to be nurtured in order for it to be cultivated into a consistent approach to living.

Lovescaping® consists of a number of values and actions referred to as “pillars,” which exemplify the principles of love. If we imagine a temple with crumbling pillars, we know the temple risks collapse. You could say our society is a temple in danger of collapse. One pillar holding it together is hope, which serves as a keystone to fortify the temple.

Learning about and practicing loving concepts is not a typical part of the primary or secondary school curriculum. Our current education systems aren’t equipped to nurture and cultivate feelings, emotions, self-value, self-esteem and self-love in the way that Lovescaping® can. It is of utmost importance that we equip the future generation with the social and emotional skills that will allow them to cooperate, collaborate, and transcend our differences in our increasingly diverse world. Schools can be a conduit to provide safe, loving, and nurturing environments where students learn to love. When Lovescaping® techniques are brought into a school, it becomes a place of empowerment for self-discovery, where students learn first and foremost how to love themselves, and how to practice love in action. Despite any perceived differences between us, we teach inclusiveness in the practice of love as an important uniting force, as individuals and as a group. We explore meaningful ways of authentic expression, and with love and kindness we validate each other’s opinions, self-expression, and uniqueness without prejudice and without fear.