Lovescaping® represents the beginning
of a movement, a paradigm shift to make
the world a better, more loving place.


“Lovescaping changed my life.”

10th grader at Wisdom HS

“I learned to love myself and other people, not only to have love towards one person, I also learned to forgive and to be humble and to have compassion for others.”

6th grader Discovery Middle School

“The change has been big for me, since I was able to express some ideas in class next to my friends and teachers, and love encompasses many things, it’s about knowing how to navigate life loving your world and people, it’s fantastic to know and learn every time more about love.”

10th grader Wisdom HS

“I have been in education for 22 years, most of that time as an administrator. From the moment I started teaching, I realized that we were focusing too much on testing and content and not enough on building the child. SEL is not a new concept for me, I have always known it’s the foundation of teaching and learning. We brought different “programs” into our schools to try to address the socio-emotional needs of our children. But nothing compares with the experience I have had with Lovescaping. How to teach love. How to define love. Love in action. We implemented Lovescaping with a group of 7th-grade girls, our entire staff, and 6th-graders during summer school, and after seeing and experiencing what Lovescaping is, we decided to incorporate Lovescaping not as another “program” but as our framework, our core values, and the basis for character education and socio-emotional learning for our students.
I wish Lovescaping to be implemented in every school in the world, our world would be in a much better place.
Thanks, Irene for bringing Lovescaping to us.
Happy Lovescaping.”

Principal at Discovery Middle School

“As a teacher with 25 years’ experience, I can say without a doubt that this is the missing piece to our curriculum. I hope Lovescaping® continues!”

– Teacher at Wisdom High School

“I learned that I can become an even better person. I liked how we can share our feelings without being judged, and we can always help one another.”

-4th grader at Terrace Elementary

“I liked how much you listened.”

– 3rd grader at Terrace Elementary

“I would definitely recommend this class for any teacher/classroom. Students are explicitly taught to think about, articulate, and apply the 15 pillars to their lives.”

– Teacher at Wisdom High School

“I would definitely recommend this class! It is an interactive program with great topics. The pillars are very thoroughly discussed and explained to the students.”

– Communities in Schools Representative at Spring Woods HS

“Our schools need information on the 15 pillars of Lovescaping®. The students were able to express themselves and learn how to utilize the skills given in class. I liked seeing the students’ excitement for the class. The class is hands-on!”

– WrapAround Specialist at Forest Brook MS

“I would recommend this class to other students, the topics discussed help students verbalize and practice how to live out vital character strengths in their daily lives.”

– Student Support Specialist at KIPP Polaris

“This class was a great experience! It helped the students be more understanding and empathetic with their peers.”

– Communities in Schools Representative at Terrace Elementary

“I liked the fact that we all got to share what we felt and got to be ourselves. You really helped me open to people, thank you for listening to our comments and being there when we needed you or someone to listen. I love you, thank you for being here.”

– 7th grader at Forest Brook MS

“I want to thank you for helping me appreciate life more. I learned that you matter in life. I liked everything, especially when we talked about our days with everyone.”

– 10th grader at Spring Woods HS

“I want to thank you because you showed me a whole different way to think and handle situations and that you will always listen if I wanted to vent. I will truly miss you.”

– 11th grader at Spring Woods HS

“In Lovescaping®, I have learned how to show respect and compassion and to uphold the pillars so you can help the world, even as an individual.”

– 7th grader at KIPP Polaris

“I liked hearing my classmates talk about their feelings.” -7th grader at KIPP Polaris

-7th grader at KIPP Polaris

“Thanks, Lovescaping®, for showing me the way of being a better person, for myself, my family, and our world!”

– 10th grader at Wisdom HS

“I learned how to respect others, and how to put myself in others’ shoes to understand what is happening to them and to not judge.”

– 10th grader at Wisdom HS

“I liked sitting in the circle and talking about our feelings.”

– 1st grader at Law Elementary

“ I felt great relief, your classes were a great help to me, they helped me understand many things that I never had the chance to hear from a mother or a father.”

-10th grader at Wisdom HS

The impact of teaching people- from young children, to mature adults- how to love, will change the world. Measuring the impact of such a monumental endeavor is by no means a simple task, especially because the effects carry on into the future. But the results will be self-evident: when we build a society based on learning how to love and that practices love in action, we will witness a dramatic decrease in violence, crime, xenophobia, racism, and all other forms of oppression and hatred.
Once the seeds of love are planted, they will only bloom and continue to grow.

However, to gauge whether the classes or workshops are being effective, we will use a survey to assess what was learned, the effectiveness of the lessons and receive feedback.

Whenever there is a class, there will be an initial survey that will assess a person’s current emotional state, learn about their sense of self-esteem, self-love and self-awareness, and understand what sort of interior dialogue they have with themselves. A second survey will be delivered at the conclusion of the course to measure how much people feel the course was beneficial in building their social and emotional skills. In addition, the instructor will be responsible for taking notes and observations on each individual’s process and gather rich, qualitative data that will help us get a sense for the changes that each student undergoes.

The real impact, however, will be long-term, and we hope to keep in touch with our participants to learn more about how Lovescaping® has affected their lives!