Behind every confident individual, every act of kindness, every healthy relationship, and every thriving community is love.

Lovescaping is a program that teaches the skills to cultivate self-love and love for others.

What we’ve been up to


Latin Ladies Foundation

October 2019
Houston, Texas

Irene Greaves will be the Guest Speaker for the Latin Ladies Foundation of Houston’s annual fundraising event this upcoming Thursday, October 17th, 2019 to collect funds for their 2019-2020 projects. The Latin Ladies Foundation of Houston has a mission to serve Hispanic Community Organizations and Foundations that are in need of assistance by providing educational support, funds and volunteer work to help them meet some of their many challenges. We are honored to receive this invitation! To attend this event contact the organization website.

Latinos for Education

October 2019
Boston, MA

Irene Greaves is one of the 10 national finalists to attend the Latinx EDupreneurs competition hosted by Latinos for Education on October 25-26 in Boston, MA. If you are in the Boston area, RSVP here before October 11th to join the community gathering and support Lovescaping and other fellow EDupreneurs! We are honored and excited to be part of this amazing opportunity.

Jean Davis Myers Award

April 2019
Houston, Texas

Lovescaping was nominated by Law Elementary for the Jean Davis Myers Award “Impacting Lives Through Service” and won an honorable mention! We are so touched and humbled by this nomination and this recognition. We would like to thank Ms. Davis, a counselor at Law Elementary, Ms. Germany, 1st-grade teacher, and Ms. Smith, a reading specialist, for their support and work to make this nomination possible!

Vanderbilt University

April 2019
Nashville, Tennessee

Irene was invited as a guest speaker to Dr. José Cossa’s class on Education and Economic Development at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College, to speak about Lovescaping as part of “Innovative and/or Alternative Paradigms or Approaches to Education.” We were also invited to speak with a group of students from the Gillette House on “Ubuntu and Lovescaping: Re-Imagining and Re-Engaging the World.” The response from students and faculty were overwhelmingly positive and we are so grateful for the support! We were invited to return as part of a guest speaker series to share Lovescaping with a wider audience! Thank you!

New grant

March 2019

We recently received another grant from The Pollination Project. We are so grateful for this grant that will allow us to continue carrying out our Lovescaping classes at the schools.

Pilot Program at Terrace Elementary School

January 30, 2019
Houston, TX

We finished our Lovescaping pilot program at Terrace Elementary with our group of 4th and 5th graders. It was a bittersweet moment since we were very sad to part ways but also very happy about the time we had spent together and our journey cultivating the 15 pillars. Read some of the testimonials from the students, counselor, and Communities in Schools liaison:

Plane State Jail facility

January 28, 2019
Dayton, TX

On January 28, 2019, in collaboration with PACE Youth, Irene visited the Plane SJ facility in Dayton, TX, an all-women jail, as part of their quarterly WrapAround meetings, to share Lovescaping with soon-to-be-released women. We gave out 25 Lovescaping books to mostly mothers who are eager to repair and heal the relationship with their sons and daughters.

Children and Parents Presentation

January 21, 2019
Houston, TX

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Irene gave a Lovescaping class to a group of children and parents from a homeschool co-operative in Houston. It was a wonderful experience to work with the families and we look forward to staying in touch and giving more classes in the future!

First Grant from Utopia Foundation and Spirituality & Health

January 21, 2019

Lovescaping received a Heroes in Action “Good Dream into a Good Deed” grant from Utopia Foundation and Spirituality & Health. We are so grateful for this support that allows us to continue carrying our Lovescaping classes in the schools. We look forward to sharing our progress!

Love, Art, and Wine

December 18th, 2018
Houston, Texas

On this special evening, we explored the ways in which cultivating love is much like creating great art and fine wines, where fertile ground and attention to process yield a rich experience.

We delighted in a unique celebration with Irene Greaves and the Art Indulgence team as they introduce Irene’s new book, Lovescaping: Building the Humanity of Tomorrow by Practicing Love in Action. During a facilitated conversation, they took us on a special sensory experience, pairing the ideas and illustrations in the book with an exquisite South African wine.

To finish the evening on the highest note possible, Tuti, Irene’s sister, sang a beautiful song “Con La Gente Que Me Gusta,” that moved everyone to tears.

Book launch

November 8th, 2018
Houston, Texas

On Thursday, November 8th, 2018, members of Irene’s Houston community got together at the Houston Area Urban League to celebrate the launch of her book Lovescaping: Building the Humanity of Tomorrow by Practicing Love in Action. During this celebration, strangers became friends, John Robinson welcomed everyone, Irene shared inspiring words, and we all witnessed a graceful ceremony accompanied by a live violin and yellow rose petals as the book was officially welcomed into the world with Irene’s dedication: “to all my fellow human beings, in hopes that we can Lovescape together.” It was a hopeful, energizing and unforgettable moment; simple and yet so beautiful and profound. The room was filled with the spirit of Lovescaping.

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